The Premoney List is a newsletter driven mini-marketplace, to help break down the wall between founders, advisors, and potential investors.

There is a massive barrier between early stage founders (especially first-time founders) and the venture / angel world. My goal is to break down that barrier, by building more connections between early stage founders and investors.

Each newsletter will contain details about two growing companies, with the option to request an introduction to the founder. Don’t be shy, get an intro - I promise it’ll be valuable!

Note: Premoney features companies that we love, think have potential, and know are in the process of hiring, raising money or looking for advisors. We are not providing financial or investing advice, and are not soliciting or accepting any investments on behalf of the company. If you’re an investor interested in one of the featured companies, you must be an accredited investor, and work directly with that company to do so. Otherwise, the company will not accept your investment.

My vision for Premoney:

Step 1: Newsletter

  • Status: In progress

  • Purpose:Built the right audience, validate need & introduction process.

Step 2: Website

  • Status:Found here & launching on Product Hunt this Thursday.

  • Purpose: A precursor to a marketplace. Enables non-newsletter growth & ability to test other products.

Step 3: Marketplace

  • Status: Coming Q2 2021

  • Purpose: A more tangible and persistent way for founders to connect with investors, for investors to identify early opportunities, and as a precursor to providing investment to featured founders.

Step 4: A rolling fund

  • Status: Tentatively Q1 2022

  • Purpose: A way that I can further support founders. I’ll partner with investors in this network to provide certain founders with early-capital to keep growing.

How you can help:

  1. Email me and let me know:

    • Why you subscribed.

    • Who you are.

    • If / how you’d like to contribute.

  2. If you like these lists, please share the newsletter with your friends.

Thanks everyone,